Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is what I call a feast....

Numerous parties and reunions are held to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fresh start of a new year. Aside from the stories exchanged, fellowship and camaraderie gained in these gatherings, the food served and shared made it more memorable. It is during this time that we make extra effort in preparing the food for our family and friends. Allow me to share with you my experience during the holidays. 

The Christmas season made me miss my Mom even more. So, to honor and remember our Mom, my sisters and I made  a Christmas Menu reminiscent of our childhood. We recreated the dishes that Mama used to make for Christmas Day Family Reunion. Our relatives would usually looked for my Mom's trademark dishes.

For our family reunion, we decided to add a little twist to our Mom's classic Christmas Menu. I prepared a Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise, Roast Hainanese Chicken, and Beef Caldereta. My sister, Ate Beng, brought Amber's trio of pansit, Pansit Malabon and pichi-pichi. While my sister, Ate Wendy, made a sumptuous dessert - Heavenly Mango Dulce de Leche Layers (like a Mango Trifle). I baked Leche Flan (Mama's favorite), White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies and Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies as addition to our dessert buffet. If these were not enough, our Uncle Roger had his Korean Beef Stew, my cousins Chariz, Erika and Innah and niece Sarah added  pasta dishes to the buffet table. Lastly, what we're all waiting for, my Auntie Ruby brought a big Lechon. To cap our lovely meal, brewed coffee was served.

Food is meant to be shared. It is more enjoyable when you share it with your family and friends. Wonderful memories are created in this partaking. I know this for a fact, since my Mom made great and happy memories for us.

Mom, you would have been proud of us, able to pull off your legacy of putting good food on the table on this special occasion. I'm sure my Mom had a great Christmas party in heaven =)


Sorry, it took me awhile to post this piece. But, it's better late than never and I still have the holiday hangover.

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